The first season of Masters of Conquest is almost here. Starting this autumn, we're going to find the true masters of this Multiplayer Combat Simulator. At the end of each season, top-ranking players will claim awesome prizes. Can you become the Master of Conquest?

Prizes 1st Place: Master of Conquest - $180 cash - Discord role - VIP ticket (3 months)

2nd place: Conqueror - $30 cash - Discord role - VIP ticket (1 month)

3rd place: Conqueror - $20 - Discord role - VIP ticket (1 month)

Most Coins Gathered: Master of Trade - $20 - Discord role

How to register for the ranked season

1. Open a Masters of Conquest account First, you need a game account. To create your account please download the game. After that you can create your account on the client.

2. Join our discord channel You must join our discord channel to register for ranked seasons. After that, all you need to do is link your Discord account with your Masters of Conquest account. Log into Masters of Conquests and choose the option to link your account.

3. Conquer All After you register for the ranked season each match you participate in will count for your ranking. [Will there be an option to toggle the ranked matches?]


Special thanks to all our sponsors!